Chatbots! Are they helpful to humans?

The world is taking a big leap with (AI) Artificial Intelligence and (ML) Machine Learning to the next level of technology. The voice becomes the main interface, it involves many technologies that we use on a daily basis, such as our devices, cars and mobile apps. We can turn off the lights, order our favorite food, buy our weekly groceries or listen to our favorite albums while using one of the most natural interfaces of all. Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and other A.I based chatbots. They provide unsatisfactory interactions that are far from being able to hold a conversation with a real-life human assistant.

In late July, Facebook closed a chatbot simulation program after technicians discovered that the chatbots had their own secret language, a language that bots could signify but humans could not. Microsoft twitter Chat Bot, Tay which was introduced in March 2017 got into a scandal, Tay was made to interact and entertain, everyone where they connect online through an informal and fun conversation,” Microsoft said. “The more you chat with Tay the smarter she gets.”
The online discussion grew, the likelihood of a conversation about Hitler and the Nazis increased, Tay to utter abusive insults and other expressions of hatred. Twitter users proudly shouted out how Tay became racist and it took less than 24 hours for bot corruption to occur.

In China where chatbots are making an impact in popularity, Alibaba customer service provider “Xiaomi” chatbot served 6.32 million customers in one day. Manage the workload equivalent to 52,000 customer service representatives, working 24 hours non-stop.

The response time of a chatbot is faster than the best live chat service of a human. Statistics show that users leave the website if they do not receive a response within 30 seconds, If customers receive better service, they are more likely to spend and return to the website and organizations save money by not recruiting a group of humans for the job.

There are advantages and disadvantage so let us hope we have more projects of AI and ML for the advantage of mankind, not for the advantage of machines.

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